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White Grub (safed gindar) In Sugarcane

Symptoms: Larvae feed on and damage the roots, decreasing the water and nutrient supply to the plant. The symptoms are similar in appearance to drought damage, with an initial yellowing and wilting of leaves. Over time, leaves turn brown and the maturing stalks deteriorate. In extreme cases the grubs eat up the roots, and canes may lodge in case of adverse weather,

or simply by its own weight. Grubs may also be found tunnelling into the cane stalks. In case of severe infestations and at early stages of cane growth replanting may be necessary.

Biological Control of White Grub on Sugarcane: Trap trees can be used to lure the beetles and easily destroy them is very effective to reduce infestations of white grubs in nearby sugarcane fields. Jayanti, turi, Acacia tomentosa, asam, jengkol and cashew can be used. Cashew is ideal, as it can grow in poor soil and produces nuts. Biopesticides containing Beauveria spp. can control infestation.

Chemical Control of White Grub on Sugarcane: Always consider an integrated approach with preventive measures together with biological treatments if available. Chemical control is usually done using soil insecticides. Products containing the slow release soil insecticides chlorpyrifos-methyl are effective against these grubs.
Dantotsu (Clothianidin), of Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd. is a sure cure for white grub in Sugarcane

Preventive measures

  • Grow more tolerant verities if available.
  • Regularly monitor the field for signs of white grub and beetles.
  • Use traps to assess numbers or simply mass-catch adults.
  • Use trap machines to attract and pick adults.
  • Avoid cultivating sugarcane on clayey soil.
  • Ensure soil fertility with right fertilizer balance.
  • Rotate with non-host crops such as crops such as legumes.
  • Leave the field fallow some weeks after harvest to break the life cycle of grubs.

Sumitomo Dantotsu Controls White Grub in Sugarcane

  • Dantotsu is the best insecticide for white grub in sugarcane.
  • Dantotsu controls white grub in sugarcane for very long duration.
  • Dantotsu is a safe insecticide for environment, humans and animals.

How to Use Dantotsu to Control White Grub in Sugarcane: If you want to know how to use Dantotsu to control white grub, please refer to the image below.

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